Who We Are

We are a community of yoga teachers and creators.
We exist to offer the opportunity for deeper self discovery through yoga, meditation and creativity.

Believe & Create

At Sawabona we believe that it’s through the true understanding of the self that we can fulfil our real potential and be happy. All mental and physical forms of self expression help you to discover who we really are. We guide you through different forms of expression such as yoga and meditation as well as hand making accessories, drafting & arts, body painting & healthy creative cooking.

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We want to connect & share from the inside to the outside world.
We are a community of experienced yoga teachers and creators, and we can’t wait to share our knowledge with you.



Yoga,Meditation & Chanting - London,UK

Violet is an experienced yoga teacher currently based in West London after having lived and worked in over ten countries. She was Maria's teacher for a long period of time (and inspired Maria to follow a teaching training course and became an instructor herself). Born in south India, yoga has been an integral practice in her life since childhood. Her practice includes budokon yoga, Vinyasa Flow, chanting in sanskrit and meditation. Prior to becoming a yoga instructor, Violet was a Fashion-designer in the Bollywood film industry. Around this time, she had been suffering with chronic back pain (degenerated disk disease) for some time. This lead her deeper into her yoga practice and the all-round benefits she received inspired her to share her positive experience with others. Always evolving her practice and constantly challenging her students with new creative sequences, Violet firmly believes that teaching is all about learning from her own practice as well as through students. Maria & Violet are really good friends, constantly sharing their passion for yoga, art and committed to help others together through the practice.



Yoga,theater & Dance - London UK

Joanna is an aerialist, contemporary dancer, pilates, yoga, aerial yoga instructor and yoga therapist for mental health, depression and anxiety based in London. She works with private and corporate clients, leads international workshops, and some retreats. She has 15 years of experience in different styles of yoga mainly Ashtanga, Vinyasa Flow, Yoga Dance, as well as Pilates and Contemporary Dance. Joanna incorporates all those techniques with her students and creates the movement that focuses on core strength and flexibility to allow for self-expression, body toning accusing to a deeper connection between body and mind. Originally from Poland, living in London, switched her PR and marketing career into a wellbeing industry. Her artistic wok as a director, choreographer and performer is based on manifesting the awareness of violation of human rights through performing arts. Her & Maria have been doing different retreats together with a unique creative way of running each practice and making each event a real experience immersed in nature not just being creative but helping to connect yourself in a unique way.



Yoga, Massagist & Arts - London UK

Daria Vinyasa Flow yoga teacher - How she felt in love with the practise and yoga as a life style? ``I found my flow following a difficult year when I was diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. Yoga came to my rescue and offered me a new lease of life. As they say, the rest is history. As a way to say thanks to the emotional and physical transformation that I experienced through yoga, I decided to enroll on a Vinyasa Flow Teacher Training Programme in London. Since then, I have taken numerous other specialist yoga trainings including: Yoga Nidra Foundation with Uma Dinsmore-Tuli, Practical Guide to Teaching Restorative Yoga with Adelene Cheong, Yoga for Stress and Burnout with Charlotte Watts and Leah Barnett, as well as a Bhakti Intensive with Shiva Rea through Yogacampus, a not-for-profit yoga education provider where I am Business Manager. Qualified Thai Yoga Massage therapist. I like to lead a diverse and balanced existence, with yoga acting as my internal compass and guiding me through the wondrous river of life. It’s the truth between it all. Through my teaching of yoga, I hope to provide a safe space for your own river to flourish and flow. As part of the Sawabona womunity,Maria & Daria, are committed to offer the true sawabona meaning through her retreats and yoga as an expression of what they believe!


María Aguiló

Yoga, Mindfulness & Arts - London, UK

Retreats coordinator, yoga teacher, accessories designer & artist, originally from Spain. Lives in London and works for herself being Sawabona's founder. She has a passion for nature, wellbeing and spiritual practice. Qualified as a yoga teacher and over the last 7 years she has developed her own unique practice and style. Her passion is to impart the many benefits of regularly practicing yoga and make it accessible to everyone with her clases & the community she is building up through Sawabona.<br /> Maria undertook her yoga teacher training in London where she mastered techniques that specialise in Creative Vinyasa Flow, Guided Meditation & Pranayama (breathing techniques). This was in addition to several workshops in Mexico, where she was able to deeply explore the ancient Mayan techniques of Natural Nutrition & different yoga practises. She has developed her practice further in South America and London with a particular focus on understanding how yoga can not only benefit physical health but expand the mind and improving emotional wellbeing and life satisfaction. Using creativity & yoga as a self expression she is fully committed to create the right events for a real individual journey through the Sawabona experience.



Yoga,Paranyama,Meditation - Playa del Carmen

She is pure love herself. Experience yoga teacher born in Mexico with Indian Heart. She masters the true meaning of yoga and believes in reaching the power of the mind through the physical movement using yoga as a tool and life style. She did touch Maria’s heart in one of her travels and since then they are constantly sharing her love for yoga and the meaning of true love with & through yoga. She started in 2001, practicing yoga since then with no interruption. More than 12 years teaching yoga from her heart, she founded a yoga school in Playa del Carmen (Mexico) and trained more than 7 generations of teachers in a unique yoga program offering to her students a real transformation process. She is an experience yoga teacher with her 500E – RYT with yoga alliance, & director of the Casa Ananda school to not just help the Sawabona community to keep spraying the light through love and yoga but also, to offer and tailor specific courses and qualifications through for the ones who are looking to explore yoga from a different angle with Mexican flavour.</p> <p>Maria & Amorhania are looking to design specialized courses for the ones who really want to get deeper into the yoga practice not just as a retreat and cultural experience but also,as a true transformational journey.



Yoga & Pranayama - Tulum, México

Marina - Dharamjodh Kaur (Spiritual name) - From a little city of Argentina - Parana, Entre Ríos. Marina studied and worked as graphic designer and photographer. She traveled and worked for 5 years Around the globe. In 2012 she was inmerse in a personal journey & found Kundalini yoga and decided to get deeper onto the practice by training as an instructor, endorsed by IKY and KRI. Dharamjodh Kaur taught classes and workshops in her hometown and currently lives and shares her knowledge in Tulum, Mexico. Maria & Marina meet in Tulum, sharing & connecting with similar values They want to show everyone who is looking, the true potential of the different yoga styles (Vinyasa & Kundalini) in an authentic natural place where nature & magic meets. Creating yoga retreats together, they are very passionate in sharing what they know offering a memorable experience.



Photographer - Playa del Carmen

Born and raised as a true Mexican but with a worldwide view. Passionate of helping others through his creative magical touch using the camera & technology.He has been helping to Develop Sawabona from day one. Always,supporting with his valuable skill set,the development of the brand making this community & artistic project to come true with Maria. Always exploring and developing new ideas,he is in charge of all the creative content and evolution of the Sawabona steps through a real friendship who made this project to come to live.


Yolanda y Pedro

Arts and Retreat host

Pedro & Yolanda own one of the most magical locations in Bacalar,Mexico, quintana roo.<br /> Both did build up their wonderful home,a few years ago by the magical Bacalar lagoon. She is an artist and he is a creator by nature. Together they want to offer their space to host different yoga retreats with Maria combine with optional art-workshops in the middle of this unique Mexican jungle. They believe in art as a self-expression and will open the doors of their home and heart for the ones who are looking a true experience with no limits.<br /> Maria felt in love with their souls & great nature on this beautiful location every time she was visiting them. She experienced the power of nature,their arts and peace at the AQBAL home and now she want to offer the same experience to the world!


Dear Sawabona community, Your community together has created a beautiful space that one can feel relax,blessed,happy and letting the emotions flow. I found my self blocked and them be able to unblock and let go beyond limitations,experiencing joy,loveland real peace… You have a lovely & healthy energy that is contagious! We the door opened and saw a magical garde,in the sun with this wonderful villa,prepared by to wonderful humans I thought I was dreaming… I felt I was very lucky to be one of your students,scaling the madness and being able to be in this spacial place where life has a different colour ! The yoga classes,generosity and kindness made every guest more relaxed and very at peace giving them a memorable event to experience. I wish anyone who comes here can experience the same I did and keep that spark this events provide as long as they can. Deep gratitude and thank you.

Anahita July 2017

Never happened to me to be so far away from home and being able to feel the warmth and vibes I could only feel with family and friends. This Spanish villa is magical. Our time practising yoga together,getting deep into the practise,helping me to discover nature in connexion with my body and mind was a real take away. I am very grateful to have had the chance to meet you both and your help to make me reconnect with myself and others. I am leaving Spain with an intense gratitude and the thrive to face what come next which was the reason I came to your retreat in the first place. Looking forward to share with you again and all the best for all of you always!

Roberta - May 2016

Incredible few days. Thank you for sharing your auras,knowledge,time and dedication in this wonderful place. Felt home,found myself and renew my energy! I feel totally re - energised thanks to all the beautiful practise and flows we shared helping to strengthen my body & mind and showing me the way to connect with my real self,being more conscious. The location is truly special. I believe all happens for a reason & I am sure to come here was the fist step to a beautiful journey. Thank you again for this amazing experience.

Giulia - May 2016

Dear Maria, Thanks for hosting and organising this wonderful yoga retreat in this magical home you have - perfect setting to inspire tranquility & peace. Thank you again for all the lovely company,dedication & great confort over the last few days. Our personal health has improved and also we leave in a much better headspace thanks to the yoga practise. We look forward to the next event!

Julia & Karen - June 2017

Great discovery! Through the yoga practise with wonderful the teachers,connecting with nature and within myself. I will always remember how this retreat has help me to get involve again with yoga and beautiful people as you are. You truly understand the concept of connection without expecting anything in return,purely joy and love. I hope we will cross path again. Namaste

Neil and Catherine - June 2017

Creative,fun,in tune,simple,magical,peaceful,homely,fun,tasty and refreshing! Sawabona here,always with you and each one of us !

Mark - June 2017