Yogi & Designer

María Aguiló Argos

The Story of Who & How

Founder and Director of Sawabona


 Maria has often been described as a free-spirit, even from a young age.
She was born and raised in Madrid, but has always had a hunger for new discoveries that extend to both land and people.

Maria completed her degree in International Business, Marketing & Communications in Madrid, and has since lived in a number of cities across the globe.
It was her discovery of two countries in particular, South Africa and Mexico that have been seminal in igniting her passion for yoga and spirituality. The concept of Sawabona takes inspiration from South Africa, and her practice draws inspiration from both cultures.

Maria has lived in London for the past six years. Her London journey initially started in the insurance market working as a reinsurance broker at Lloyd’s of London. From there, an opportunity arose to start her own business in a partnership, bringing London insurance products to Mexico, where her love affair with the land began. Her experience as one of few women in a masculine, dynamic and often stressful work environment, Maria learned to channel the daily stresses of London life through yoga. Soon, yoga became such an important part of her life that she realised that this was her calling, and Sawabona was born. At its heart, she believes the practice should encourage the capacity in each of us to acknowledge and recognise each other, and in turn recognise ourselves in others. This is the meaning of Sawabona; I see you, I respect you, therefore… I exist.

Maria’s practice channels the lessons and experiences of big-city life. The practice focuses on self-discovery through yoga, moving beyond nourishing the body but also the mind and soul, and discovering a world beyond the rational into spirituality and creativity. She is dedicated to helping those with busy lives discover inner-peace, self-expression, community and healthy living through the practice of yoga as a life style.