We respect you, value you, & you are important to us

Existing Purpose

Why Sawabona?

Sawabona is a South African greeting which means
“I respect you, I value you, you are important to me.”

It comes from a beautiful tribal ritual, where when someone behaves inappropriately, they are carried to the center of the village, surrounded by the entire community. For two days, they remind that person of all the good things they have done.

This tribe’s core belief is that each one of us comes into the world good and desiring security, love, peace and happiness. During our search for our place in the world, throughout the course of our lives, we face endless challenges, and don’t always choose the best version of ourselves when confronted with them.

This tribe also believes that our desire to feel like we are special and good beings, sometimes leads us to fail in our behavior. So, they gather to straighten it out, reconnect with their true nature and remember who they really are, so they can once again take hold of the hand of their truth.

When this happens, everyone repeats “Sawabona” which means “I respect you, value you, and you are important to me” and that person responds “Shikoba”, which means “so… I am good and exist for you.”
This act of recognition rebuilds the damaged insides of the person by letting them know that they are loved and valued.

Utilizing the language of love, our Sawabona community will help you to remember that we are all special and that we all are good on the inside, even though sometimes we do not feel it. Our truth will always be that with this beautiful act and simple greeting through the community offering yoga and creative flow we will transmit the positive message that it is never too late to be who you want to be and keep self-discovering using new practices as a method of self-exploration.

We exist with the intention of using love, appreciation & compassion through the yoga practice in our classes and events, letting creativity expand in different forms. We want to guide you through a new discovery not just with yourself but through others.

With our community, we intend to practice the Sawabona-Shikoba ritual using yoga as a channel to help the inner journey, influenced by nature, new discoveries, different teachers and artistic activities to maximize the capacity of self-expression.

We all need, without exception, to be reminded that regardless of the life stage or circumstance we find ourselves in, that we are wonderful beings, and that we have the ability to feel, to be aware on a deeper level, and that when we are in tune with ourselves, we have the power and strength to mend our path and begin again.


At Sawabona, the ultimate purpose of everything we do is to help others on their
journey of self-discovery. We do so through:


Specialising from Creative Vinyasa Flow to Kundalini yoga, we are committed to making you understand the meaning of yoga, breathing techniques & being in the present moment.


We work around different topics from self-esteem to stress, making you conscious of the power of the mind through guided meditation where the body meets the mind and the mind meets your subsconcious self.


We believe that creativity is key to opening up to our true selves, but not just in yoga. From hand crafting accessories to full body painting we offer activities that help us connect with our inner selves and explore different ways of expression.


Every year we host several retreats in Spain and Mexico with different yoga teachers from the Sawabona community. Here, nature meets spirituality and we cultivate well-being through movement and self-discovery.